Broken Record Comedy Show at the East Room in Nashville, TN

Hey gang, next Thursday the 16th I get to be a part of the longest comedy show ever! You know how people are always saying “why don’t comedy shows last for days and days at a time?” Starting on the 12th and ending on the 19th. If you’re in the area come be a part of history! Thanks Chad Riden and all the awesome Nashville gang.

Broken Record


Comedy Show at Chase The Vape!

Hey Gang on Thursday night (the 20th) I’m starting a new show at Chase the Vape on Broad Ave.  Seth and the gang at Chase The Vape have built a great performance space in their shop. Twin Face Kline will be opening for amazing and talented Michael Brown. I will Emcee and do some funny stuff. Show starts at 8 doors are at 7 with just a meager 3 dollar cover. Please come out as support this new venue! I’ll bring some booze and so should you. Thanks!

Rock for Love!

Hey Gang! I’m Emceeing Rock for Love this Weekend. This is a great event that benefits the Church Health Center. This great organization provides affordable healthcare to local artist as well and people in need. Their focus on preventative care is second to none. They have full gyms, a cooking education program, and a great child care program (for while you’re working out). Please help in any way you can! Let’s Rock for Love!

Rock for Love

Tonight at Chuckles Comedy House and The Break Up Show 4

Working Hard

Hey Gang,

We’re hard working on Break Up Show 4! We’re doing a super big show this year at Broad Avenue’s Water Tower Pavilion on August 9th. We’re making a video of our show! It’s a pay what you can (with a 10 dollar suggested donation) show. Please come out! We’ll have a jib camera! Haven’t you always wanted to be in a jib shot? The videos are coming together and I think we might have puppets this year! Also we have a band!

Tonight (after Break Show Rehearsal) I’ll be doing some time at Chuckles Comedy House in Cordova. I’ve actually been to the Spanish City Cordova. It was a lot nicer than it’s “Sister” city in West Tennessee.


Thank you!

Today I turn 36 years pretty and I just wanted to take a second and say thank you for all of the happy birthday wishes. I’m excited about my 36th year on the mud ball and I think we’re heading for a lot of great shows and wonderful times.

Thank you guys so much. My birthday was very happy!

Hello and Welcome to my Mind.

Today is the first day that my website is up and I’m still trying to figure out what I’m going to do with it.

 Welcome, thank you checking me out! I’ll be using this site as way of keeping people posted on upcoming shows and the like. This weekend we start shooting video for the next Break Up Show. I can’t wait. This year’s show will be huge! We’re filming our first outdoor Break Up Show at the Water Tower Pavilion on August 9th! Please come out and laugh. We also need break up story submissions for the show. So email them to me at

Anyway, hope you’re well and check back soon for more updates!

Brandon Sams